Stamp Act Informative Speech

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Today, my dad is going to a meeting of the Stamp Act Congress to discuss how they going to deal with this new tax. They passed a tax on anything made of paper in March of this year and we only have until November to stop the Stamp Act from completely going into effect. ( Let's see.. it's April now... So, we only have five months to stop it from being fully enacted. My family has been split on their feelings about the Stamp Act. As you guessed, my dad is completely opposed to the Stamp Act. His thoughts are that Great Britain taxed us unfairly.“Taxation without Representation” ( as he calls it. My brother is for Great Britain. His opinion is that King George 111 is only doing what he can to pay for the “defense of…show more content…
We just want it to resolve itself in time. But, other members of my family seem to have stronger opinions. Word came that my uncle was accused of counterfeiting stamps. He will be sent to the Vice – Admiralty courts. If prosecuted, he could be sentenced to death. (Fradin) How will my cousins fair without him? They're only ten and eight! Why do we have to keep fighting over this? It's only a tax! Why are people so upset? Why does everything have to be solved with violence? I just looked out the window and there's an effigy hanging from the liberty tree burning! Burning! A week ago, a tax collector who lived next door to us had his house burned down! ( My best friend lived with the tax collector, who was her father! Her whole family is moving to Rhode Island to escape some of harassment, but who knows how far the Liberty Boys will go? I hate this tax! It's destroying my town, tearing apart my family, AND taking away my best friend! I'm sick of looking at stamps! We have to put a stamp on everything! Wills, playing cards, legal papers...where does it end?! ( What's next? Some stupid tax on what? Tea?
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