Stand And Deliver Character Analysis

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In the 1988 film Stand and Deliver, high school mathematics teacher Mr. Escalante embarks on a mission to teach calculus to his students, despite the difficult circumstances he and each of his students face. Throughout the movie, he pushes himself, his class, and his family to their limits, often putting in extra hours at school without pay and by working with little support from his school. When his entire class successfully passes the Advanced Placement Exam, he and his students face even more difficulties when the community and the Education Testing Services accuse them of cheating on the test. However, Mr. Escalante continues moving forward, and prepares his class to take the exam a second time, which his entire class passes once again,…show more content…
Escalante’s class in passing the AP Exam twice. The most significant factor was their teacher Mr. Escalante, who is willing to dedicate himself to his career, giving his students more time than any other teacher for extra help. Even though he has a family to care for, he works overtime in order to ensure that his students are fully prepared. He not only spends time with them before school, after school, and during vacations, but he also comes to their aid when he is supposed to be in the hospital after his heart attack. He is truly dedicated to teaching his students. Another factor that helped Mr. Escalante’s students succeed was the lack of support from their community, who believed they could not pass the AP Exam without cheating. The school’s, community’s and the Education Testing Service’s suspicion motivated the students to prove everyone wrong, leading them to study more vigorously in order to pass the Exam once again. After watching this movie, I was inspired to work as hard as Mr. Escalante’s students. Compared to the students in Mr. Escalante’s class, I feel that I am not working enough, and that I should begin to take more action if I really want to become successful in passing the Advanced Placement Calculus
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