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In the 1988 film Stand and Deliver, high school mathematics teacher Mr. Escalante embarks on a mission to teach calculus to his students , despite the difficult circumstances each of his students face. Throughout the movie, he pushes himself, his class, and his family to their limits, often putting in extra hours at school, even if it could hurt his health. When his entire class successfully passed the AP exam, he and his students faced more difficulties when the community and the administration accused them of cheating on the test. However, Mr. Escalante worked even harder, and prepared his class to take the exam a second time, which his entire class passed once again, proving that they were highly skilled mathematicians, despite their poverty.…show more content…
I believe true success is only achieved when you accomplish a goal as a result of determination and action, not by waiting on luck or chance. In order for me to become successful, I must invest a lot of myself in to obtaining the goals I set for myself. hen it becomes my turn to take the AP Calculus Exam, I expect to receive a minimum score of a four. I also plan to take the BC Exam, so I am mentally preparing myself to work even harder than I am expected to. My goal is to use the college credit I will receive by passing the AP Calculus Exam and use it towards my undergraduate degree, which I hope to use to apply to medical school and become a doctor. Due to the nature of my goals, I know I must become accustomed to studying and taking extra measures to succeed academically. I will take advantage of all my resources, including my books, the internet, and my mentors. This will help me reach my goal of going to medical school. In ten years, I hope to graduate medical school and be pursuing my residency, putting my knowledge to practice in a local hospital. I hope to stay near Belleville, because it is where I grew up and I want to be surrounded by my childhood

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