Stand And Deliver Movie Analysis

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The movie “Stand and Deliver” effectively portrayed the realities of math, especially through the characters. It really captured the idea that not everyone understands math at the same level, but with hard work everyone can be successful. I think what made the movie very effective was that it was based on real people who do not necessarily fit into the stereotype of being smart in math. It effectively portrayed that anyone can be good at math. I feel like when movies don’t follow stereotypes people apply it more to themselves. However I felt like the movie did not bring up the children’s home life often enough. Like in the first half of the movie they showed that all the children had challenges at home, that also aided in their restriction of understanding math and spending time on i . I think the movie would have been more impactful if they showed how the children coped with their homelife. Also they should have shown why some of the kids changed their mind about math and decided to take AP, it would have…show more content…
The movie first introduces Alan Turing at the police station where the viewer learn he has some memory problems. Then we are shown a glimpse in Turing’s past where the viewer is shown his passion for math and how people in his life felt about math. Alan Turing takes his passion of math to help his country during the war. During a conversation with a future colleague, Turing expresses his love for math as he describes theories of math that failed, but from the failed theories rose other theories. When he is introduced to his project, to crack the enigma code, he learns that it is not going to be easy, as there are many, many different combinations and the Germans changed the settings of the device everyday, making the task more complex. His female colleague that is working on the project with him falls in love with him even though he is
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