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Genre creates both challenges and opportunities in film criticism. Because a genre has characteristics that make it that genre, we as critics, should know what to expect in a film. In other words, films in a particular genre follow a loose template for that genre and that makes it easier for a critic to critique. However, genre can also be a challenge when a film does not fit neatly in a genre box. It has been said that genre films are only entertainment because they follow the same formula over and over; however, the messages vary from genre film to genre film, which in my opinion makes film art. Genre films can step beyond what is expected of it and delve into heftier topics.
Film theorist, Richard Dyer agrees that it is incumbent upon a film maker to make a film that goes beyond genre stereotypes. He says in "Only Entertainment" that, "Time and again we are not told why Westerns are excited, why horror films horrify, why weapies make us cry, but instead are told that, while they are exciting, horrifying, and tear-jerking, the films also deal with history, society, psychology, gender roles, indeed, the meaning of life." (pg. 3) Braudy says something about audiences coming for one experience and getting an entirely
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In a vacuum, the film may just look like a silly coming-of-age story about four friends going to search for a dead-body (its genre-label of adventure would let you know it is an adventure movie). However, this film makes a much more profound statement if one pays attention. This film seems to also be a commentary on males ' inability to adequately express emotion because of the gender-role of males being the "strong" sex. These boys have gone through emotionally taxing events (i.e. Denny 's death), yet seem unable to cry or show any emotion. Rob Reiner used genre here to give his audience something to expect, yet he used genre again to surprise the audience with a much more profound
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