Stand By Me Movie Scene Analysis

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Takabayev Alisher Stein 12 C 17.10.16 Importance of scenes Movie Stand by Me is scripted of a short story by Stephan King “Body”. The plot lays around 4 friends that go onto a journey to find a dead body. There are 2 boys that stand out more from the rest, and they are Chris and Gordie. Although there are many scenes in the movie that could be compared to the scenes in the novella, there are scenes that are more important because they show differences in character development of Chris and Gordie. Those scenes are, Teddy dodging the train, Chris comforting Gordie at the body and boys arguing with Ace’s gang. The first important scene that shows difference in character development of Chris and Gordie is an episode of Teddy wanting to dodge a train standing on the railways. In both the movie and the novella Teddy, sometimes being driven by his emotions, acts as he was storming a beach in Normandy during second World War pretending that the train approaching him was the German enemy. His intention was to dodge the train by jumping off the railway at the very last moment. However, he was pulled of by one of his friends, which in the novella is his friend Gordie, that makes him very angry and causes a conflict between the two. Gordie justified his actions based on the fact that the driver could’ve reported about them to police, saying “Teddy, you dodge anything after we see what we are going to see, but until then no one is supposed to see us” (334). While on the other hand, when Chris pulls Teddy off the railways in the movie, he justifies his action by saying “I was just trying to save your life, man,” and then doesn’t allow the…show more content…
This scene takes place when the boys find the dead body, which causes an emotional breakout in
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