Stand Up Like Sammy Analysis

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Stand up like sammy Being in a situation where one ends up embarrassed is not pleasant. Being publicly humiliated for wearing a swimsuit in a store that, keep in mind is about 5 minutes from the beach, is just plain ridiculous. Due to the managers public humiliation of the girls wearing their swimsuits in the store, Sammy’s action of quitting afterwards was heroic. To me, heroic means standing up for something you believe in even at the cost of your own personal happiness. Someone that’s brave. Sammy had his job on the line, his manager had been a friend of his parents for years and the girls were strangers to him but yet he stood up for them because he believed what he witnessed was unfair. A person who did something so brave like that, anyone…show more content…
He worked at a cash register at a small suburban towns store about 5 minutes away from the beach, right in the middle of town. “ In walks these three girls in nothing but bathing suits ” ( Updike 1013 ). One is the obvious leader ( Sammy mentally nicknames her Queenie ) because she is the leader/queen of her two friends that just seem to follow her around and stand in her shadow. They came into the store, looked around, went and asked Mcmahon at the meat counter something, got the item they needed and then came up to purchase the one item. That one item her mom requested her to get was Kingfish Fancy Herring snacks in pure sour cream. Right then, as she was purshading that single item, the store manager Lengel comes in and things took a turn for the worse. He sees that the girls are only wearing swimsuits and says to them “Girls, this isn’t the beach” ( Updike 1016 ) causing one of the girls, Queenie (as sammy mentally nicknamed her) to blush from embarrassment. Imagine being in a store that is about five minutes away from the beach and the manager telling you that, when you just came in to get one single item. She replied, “My mother asked me to pick up a jar of herring snacks” and he replied to that with “That’s all right. But this
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