Stand Your Ground Law Ethical Issues

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Every law or policy that has passed, has either made a good or bad effect on society, the decision makers does their best to create guidelines to turn them into rules that each individual must oblige by. While reading the requirements the first topic that came to mind was “stand your ground law" because it addresses the majority of ethical concept and assumptions listed. This case study will analyze the ethical issues policies of stand your ground law with different scenarios, as well some ideas for resolving these conflicts. Stand your ground law, basically gives anybody the right to use self-defense to protect their life, even their family. Wikipedia states that “an individual has no duty to retreat from any place, the individual has a lawful…show more content…
They pistol whipped him, threw him around the room and even pointed the gun at him. On this day his mother came to visit him, so she witness everything while being kicked repeatedly. So far when dealing with the seven ethical concept and assumptions, the privacy of Hernandez home has been taking over by intruders. Thankfully, the room they were in, had his dad old rifle he was able to get a hold of, leaving two wounded men running out of the house, to eventually dying. Hernandez made the decision to protect his family by fighting back. He stated “I never wanted to hurt anybody, but they put me in a situation and I had to protect my family” (Sharamm, 2016). There are some cases where individuals usually take matters into their own hands making the situation worst. To speak briefly on this matter when Mr. Zimmerman felt that Martin seemed up to no good the first thing he did was call the police, however at some point he decided to take matters into his own hands to confront the young man. Instead, he should have given the operator a description of what Martin looked like, so that way a patrol unit could have scope the scene. Unfortunately, the situation got out of hand and a young man

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