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A popular phrase is “carried by six or judged by twelve”. The number six refers to the number of casket bearers if you do not protect yourself. The twelve refers to the number of jurors at your trial if you do protect yourself. If someone is shooting at you, do you choose morals or your own life? According to At Issue from the SIRS database, Stand Your Ground laws allow citizens to use lethal force to defend themselves without risk of prosecution. The opposing states without Stand Your Ground laws you have a duty to retreat first before using lethal force. Supporters of Stand Your Ground laws say citizens have the right to protect themselves. The opposing believes the laws are poorly understood and encourage violence (Sirs). This paper will…show more content…
First, the pro viewpoint is Stand your Ground laws allow citizens to protect themselves and their property without fear of prosecution. For instance, the law is effective; it is just misunderstood. Bradford Cohen, a past president of the Broward Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and…show more content…
In other words, the law does not need to be repealed; it needs to be well defined. In any case, Cohen emphasizes when dealing with the law “education is the key; a lynch mob mentality will not solve misconceptions about the law” (Cohen). If you are going to take a position when it comes to law, make sure you are informed. Make your decision on facts. Most laws work when they are applied correctly. Furthermore, the Florida House Panel rejects to repeal the ‘Stand Your Ground Law’. Allan Williams, a Democratic representative from Tallahassee, was interviewed by John Kennedy for the Palm Beach Post. Williams stated while being interviewed “If we can’t repeal it, we must repair it” (Kennedy). The law itself is not broken, the justice system is. A person being able to defend themself is crucial. Matt Goetz, the committee chairman of the bill, declares that criminals will now be on notice because; people now have the right to defend themselves (Cohen). Criminals now have to wonder who is going to protect themselves, who might be concealing a weapon. Finally, the right to protect ourselves has never been the Stand Your Ground Law’s place to give; it is a law of nature. Jonathan Emord, a writer for USA
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