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Q) Have the measures in the context of educational reforms been able to improve the standard of education in developing countries?


Education is basic need for every human being but yet there is a lack of education. All over the world the education that is provided is the same but the method of educating is different. This brings a difference in the standard of education at a certain level.
Mainly people living in developing countries face this problem. People living in developing countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan are deprived of good education systems. In urban areas of the developing countries have private schools for the privileged ones, and the people who are poor send their children to public schools. The standard of education in a public school and a private school in a developing country is a lot different.
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There are several standard of education provided in developing countries which is unfortunately dependent on one’s class. If a person is rich there child could go to a good private school an receive an international level of education. But people who cannot afford to send there child to a private school has to send child to a public school, which has a very bad standard of education, compared to the private schools. Children have to sit on the floor and no proper textbooks are provided. Inefficient teachers are hired. No check is kept on the public schools and no learning is done so most of them dropout of public schools as it doesn’t bring in benefit to the child. Many public schools are made but they are inefficiently managed so parents don’t send their children there. No strict laws are passed concerning education. If laws related to education would pass and strict punishments would be kept only then standards of education would be made

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