Reflective Essay: The Role Of Christianity In Japan

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The Japanese standard of living is perfection that they live in an orderly manner strictly obeying Japan’s set of laws, rules and regulations in order that they can have a politically correct existence. They are the kind of people, whose life is devoted to serve and honor their country, enrich their culture and perpetuate their Shinto religion. This is the reason why Japan is thriving well. Shintoism is a syncretistic religion that embraces the philosophical truth of every religion; therefore Japanese is not against any religion or Christianity in particular. In fact Shinto has assimilated many Christian principles into its religious set of values and beliefs. Magnifying Shinto, its basic religious, philosophical teaching is purity, peace and…show more content…
The pressure is so enormous how Japanese carefully watches all my moves, visualize what I think and thoughtfully examine my words However, I do not let this thing troubled me because I knew for a fact that my Christian culture is more sophisticated and superior than Japan’s. Instead, this has become my avenue to show them the excellence of Christian values and beliefs that I practice in my life. Through this I can be able to minister to my Japanese co-workers, friends and student about my faith in Jesus and true Christianity. I just hope that God would open their eyes and touch their hearts, through me, to consider Christianity in their life. I then presume that Filipinas, who are married to the Japanese, do feel the same pressure that I feel living with their husbands. The System of life and living in Japan is highly rigid that Filipinas have to submit well to Japanese cultural values at home, work cultural ethics, and in terms of communication and establishing relationships with Japanese, they likewise have to follow set standard of culture and conditions to succeed in this area. Concerning religion, these Filipinas are forced to practice Shintoism and Buddhism together with their husbands. This demonstrates how they have embraced the culture of the Japanese keeping (enculturation).
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