Standardization And Creative Thinking

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Standardization and creative thinking have always had a unique relationship because of how both deal with the ways that people look at the world. Standardization can be defined as the process of making something uphold a certain level. Creative thinking has always been thought of as a different way for people to learn and grasp information that might be understood in a more traditional learning method. “Project Classroom Makeover,” written by Cathy Davidson, discusses how standardization has a large impact on people who see the world from a creative way of thinking. The idea of standardizing education is one that has caused much worry in few people’s eyes because of the different ways that people learn and absorb knowledge. People who have…show more content…
However, now there are schools that help people with more creative minds learn in a better, more suited style to their needs. The advancement of technology also allows for students with all types of learning styles to stay at relatively the same pace when in the same classroom. Standardization affects more than just people on an individual level, but also society by stunning creativity; however, by allowing people to explore their own minds through a more specific lens for learning. Standardization has many effects on individual levels because of the way that people view the world under this cookie cutter lens see people who view the world creatively. Society has forced people to learn in a certain way or have the option to be having a disability or as a failure in the eyes of everyone. Under a standard way of learning people who see the world in a creative sense are usually stunned and are usually not taken as seriously as they should be. Throughout the evolution of education educators have changed the techniques of learning to lean more with the events that are going in the current. In “Project Classroom Makeover,” Davidson discusses how…show more content…
When creativity flourishes in the minds of the citizens in any specific culture, begins to grow in bigger and better ways because of the different problem-solving methods people can come up with. The different ways that people can solve problems is by thinking differently than other people and having that edge where everyone can showcase their talents to help further the whole culture. A cooperative environment is where ideas tend to flourish because of the need for consistent new ideas and ways to solve problems. Davidson even states, “crowdsourcing means inviting a group to collaborate on a solution for a problem” (51). With her iPod experiment, underway they were “crowdsourcing educational innovation for a digital age for [their] incoming students,” (Davidson 51) which in the end led to many innovative uses for the iPods. This was not even seen as anything close to an educational device. This view of allowing people to work together and to work on a common goal allowed for more ideas to be heard when everyone was working towards the same achievement. This allows for people who look at the world in a creative sense. To succeed because more creative ideas would be shot down when being pitched by one person. However, when collaborating and refining creative ideas they can be used to help lead the country towards greater success. Schools are

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