Standardized Assessment Evaluation

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I believe that it is crucial that we begin to step away from the process of teachers being evaluated for effectiveness based on today’s standardized test scores, but I would like to know how districts and schools will specifically evaluate these 15 standards. How specifically will teachers be evaluated for these standards of effectiveness? I also believe that while assessments are necessary for data and performance measurement purposes, one specific test doesn’t measure teacher effectiveness.

Personally, I believe that most educators start their career with a child-centered view. We all are knowledgeable in the fact that learn best in an environment that allows them to play an active role in their learning. As a Special Education major,
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While these students are actively engaged and proving to be successful in this classroom setting, what happens when they encounter something different than what they are used to. Standardized tests usually do not match students interest or reflect their prior knowledge, and they usually are multiple choice or short answer. In other words, they are the most engaging or interesting type of assessment. Now, I am definitely not saying we shouldn’t have classrooms that promote full engagement and aim to teach with students’ interests in mind, but I wonder how students feel going from their everyday way of learning content to the set up of a standardized…show more content…
Look at the impact reading aloud does to a child’s literacy skills versus the child that doesn’t get read to. The difference is terrifying. To support children’s literacy development, I strongly believe that all parents should be made to be a part of their child’s literacy journey. Parents should be informed on strategies and resources, and should not be shunned away from supporting their child with different literacy activities at home.

While I see the benefits of students received specialized time to get instruction directed to meeting their specific needs, I wonder how this works in the everyday school setting. I had students in my class last semester get pulled out for special instruction in literacy, and it never failed that they missed something vital to their general education classroom. While they were getting support they need, they were also missing out on something else that was
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