Standardized Patient Externship Admission

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I have always wanted to understand the science behind disease and its treatment. Perhaps that sprang from watching my father, a physical therapist, treat his patients, but it continues even today. As a teenager I was a champion at Carrom, a cue sport requiring strategic thinking and what I call “precise intuition”. These qualities now help me evaluate possible diagnoses and identify the correct diagnosis and management plan. As I grew into adulthood I adopted Gandhi’s idea that with the belief that one can do something, one will acquire the capacity to do it. This resolve helped me overcome financial and health hardships to get into medical school. I want to bring my strengths – curiosity, intuition, hard work and perseverance - to an Internal…show more content…
The Structured Preceptorship at Drexel University gave me real insight into a residency program and challenges faced during residency. A typical day involved attending morning report along with residents, going for inpatient rounds and attending conferences, while interacting with residents, fellows and attendings. Online assignments, standardized patient exams and feedback from the preceptor allowed me to improve continuously. The Cardiology externship at Detroit Medical Center gave me hands-on clinical experience in handling patients. Everyday interactions with patients improved my communication skills and confidence levels, making me ready for the next level of clinical…show more content…
This program emphasizes team-based learning by allowing us to collaborate in teams to discuss and complete assignments. Learning from each other helps us get deep and enduring understanding of topics. As a part of this program, I interact with people from different parts of the world. These teamwork and communication skills I am learning here will be of great help during my residency.

I am looking for a residency program where I can indulge my intellectual curiosity and immerse myself in the study of Internal Medicine. I seek a program that gives me hands-on learning and autonomy in a healthy team environment, with supervision and academic support available to help me improve. My determination, relentless energy, focused strategic thinking, and ability to always give my best will help me contribute to the program. I want to become a caring, confident and competent physician after completing the residency. I eagerly look forward to the next step of my

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