Standardized Testing Argument Analysis

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To Test, Or Not to Test
Lyndsey Layton, a National Education Reporter from the Washington Post, gave us the number of tests students take, from a 2015 survey. She wrote, "..112 mandated test are given to students from pre-k to their senior year of high school.." (Layton). Just in the past decade, testing in public schools has majorly increased. In 2001, Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act. This law was created to see all students in America improve in their academics. Standardized testing is an issue that keeps getting worse because, No Child Left Behind , requires an evaluation of schools and teachers by the student's test scores. Congress believed this would encourage the schools to ensure their teachers were preparing the students
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A Hendersonville school principal, Judy Burt, had made this statement on the effects on standardized testing. Burt's statement has truth, however does not support standardized testing. From the information I have already given you, we know that effective learning, engagement and excitement are not results from standard testing. The academic issues caused by testing can be resolved by utilizing tests the way they should. Facts have proved that the emphasis on testing is ineffective. They can be effective by letting teachers use test as tools to determine academic readiness. Derrick Meador, a teaching expert, believed in this solution by saying," ...they would be better served as a too to help guide instruction and instructional practices.." (Meador). Meador is referring to using test as a tool, not a grade. Teachers can give tests to their students to know how they are comprehending the material being taught. The students would not be graded, the test would just allow teachers to know if they need to review on certain material, or are comprehending the information properly.Schools benefit from having their teachers effective learning, have a positive impact on students.Teachers could perform their profession with full potential. Teachers could be focused on all the curriculum standards, not just the one's that…show more content…
We have learned about how the No Child Left Behind law, passed in 2001, required states to give tests to improve academic progression. To ensure this goal be met, Congress required states to evaluate schools and teachers, based on student's test scores. In doing this, standardized testing has caused academic issues and has affected the schools, and their teachers and students. School ratings decreased and were suggested to need improvement. Being evaluated from student test scores lowered the academic progression in schools. Schools are being reviewed by scores instead of their overall accomplishments. Teachers are being treated the same way. Teachers are also evaluated by student test scores. Because of this, teachers are leaving their profession. Teachers feel it is unfair they are not being evaluated by all their hard work. Scores are not true indications of student capabilities for reasons such as my personal story of test anxiety. Teachers feel they are only teaching the test, not the full necessary curriculum. All the stress and issues schools and teachers are faced, are left up on the students. Students are aware of the expectations given to score well on test. This causes stress for students and pushes their desire away from learning. Students feel their only worth a score, and not their overall achievements. In my opinion, using testing as tools for determining
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