Standardized Testing Essay

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Standardized testing is not allowing kids to be their own person. Instead, they are stressed and confused. Standardized test are only effective when the students do well. But when students are not prepared for the test and do bad, the school suffers. The point of a standardized test is to show the growth of a student. But what if the students were not prepared properly or the teachers did not get through the information in time? What then? Students are feeling strangled by the stress of the test. Standardized tests are a very unreliable source to show a student or teacher’s growth and they hold them to a high standard. Standardized testing is an unreliable way to show a student’s growth. On the day of the test, a student could have had a bad…show more content…
Standardized test only show individual scores for the specific day, not the overall year. Standardized test may also provide useful information and are given at a low cost (13). That makes it easy for students, that do not have enough money to pay high amounts for test, to take a standardized test. But, some students do not want to attend college and think it is pointless to take the test because they are not going to use the information. While parents, students, and administers all agree that the test are a fair way to show a student’s knowledge from the year (11). Teachers may not have gotten through the information that they needed to, to teach the students about what is on the test. Standardized test are a very unreliable way to show a student’s growth and the tests hold students and teachers to a high standard. The test only evaluate one day instead of all year. They also allow the teachers to only teach towards the test rather than curriculum that could further benefit the students. That allows students and teachers to be stressed about the test. Take a stand against standardized testing. Students and teachers should not be stressed when coming to school or work. They should want to come instead of feeling "strangled" by the tests they have to
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