Standardized Testing Improved America

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Standardized testing has not improved education in America. Standardized tests have been issued in schools all across the nation for years now. Some people like them and some people don’t. They do not help the student learn more information than they would without the tests. The U.S. has dropped from 18th highest scores in schools in the world to be in the 30’s on almost all of the subjects on the test. The tests narrow down the curriculum to focus on the subjects that are on the test, forgetting about the other subjects. Standardized tests cannot measure all that schools teach like how to be a problem solver. Standardized tests have not improved America’s education system. Every once in a while the world will submit their schools performance and they will be ranked with …show more content…

The tests are graded by a special machine that is not programmed to favor some students and not others. Yes, the tests are being graded non-discriminately but, this causes some concern for whether or not the tests are being graded accurately. Technology has been known to fail some times. The machines are very sensitive and the answers have to be filled in clearly and in a certain way or they will be counted wrong. Some students may know the answer but mark it wrong and their score will go down unfairly. Machines grading seems like a good idea but lots of things can go wrong. Standardized tests are bringing down the education system in America. America’s ranking for education in the world down by about 15 notches. Big tests like these don’t leave a lot of room for learning about other subjects that are just as important as the ones on the test. Standardized tests are not able to measure all the aspects of what is being taught at school across the nation. In theory these tests are a perfect way to boost the education system but in reality it causes a lot of problems and hasn’t helped all that

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