Does Standardized Testing Determine a Person's Future?

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Standardized testing has become an obsolete way of measuring a student's ability. Students nowadays pay for specialized courses in order to obtain a competitive score. The test is vital for the student's admission to a university. They are conditioned to the method of: memorize, apply and forget; contrary to focusing on understanding the material. Students have to attend school are required to get excellent grades, as well as having classes in the afternoon in pursuance of a being admitted to a top university. The working youth struggling to help their family's financial problems has barely any time to study for regular classes but what about the other study time required for the test required for their college degree. After a lot of educational reforms, is the gap between the minorities and the average student closing; and how can one test decide a person's future? In the 1600s parents did not care about their children's education, consequently, the first education laws were passed. Children were required to memorize and understand the bases of their religion and the laws of the colony, ergo the first standard for education had been set. During the 1800s, the first standardized…show more content…
Originally students had no goal to work towards and standardized testing is used for everything in today's world. Standardized tests are also a way for the school and the state to measure how well a teacher can teach. Tests compose of the majority of the students' grades affecting their GPA, and their future in the long run. However, standardized testing in schools is about how to take a test and get the single answer right while in many subjects there is a possibility of being many answers. A students' future is not dependent on what they know and learned anymore. In addition, standardized testing is no longer a way to measure the quality of education students are currently
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