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Standardized testing has been around for more than a decade, showing how students do compared to other students, but I believe that Standardized testing should be excluded from schools. Standardized testing is a test taken by students all over the country, helping teachers know what kids do and don’t know academically. Additionally, Standardized testing can be an online test, MAP, for example, is a standardized test. The test is corrected by computer, so the questions are usually fill in the blanks, or answering the question by filling in A, B, C, D, etc. This helps make it easier for the computer to check it. To continue, Standardized testing is mainly reading and math, for all ages; from kindergarten to the end of highschool. However, even…show more content…
For instance, “In short, standardized testing and teaching are all too often in conflict”( Rapple, B., 2017, 197). This text shows that schools are fighting with each other to show who is best. Additionally, the example “Weaker pupils, those perceived as unlikely to pass, were also often neglected by teachers”( Rapple, B., 2017, 195). The weaker pupils were neglected because the teachers want to train the best students for the test, so their school gets a higher score vs the rest of the country. Lastly, the author states, “Many were left ignorant of how to apply arithmetic in day-to-day life”( Rapple, B., 2017, 195). Teachers and school focused so much on learning what the students needed for the standardized test that they forgot to teach the students about everyday life. Therefore, schools are criticised because of standardized testing, a competition for all…show more content…
For instance, the test “involves the creation of standards in each state for what a child should know and learn in reading and math”( Rapple, 2017, 193). Each child around the country will be equal in learning with reading and math. However, it is true that standardized testing tends to criticise students rather than teach them. For example, “it is the method most frequently used in testing programs that tends to be criticised rather than the principle of assessment itself” (Rapple, 2017, 193). Standardized testing criticises rather than what its purpose was, to teach students, and make them equal in learning. So instead of teaching students, standardized testing tends to criticise
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