Standardized Testing Persuasive Research Paper

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Almost every senior in high school as taken the SAT or ACT sometime during their last year in high school, most seniors have serious problems taking any sort of standardized tests. For the top students obtaining a 2400 on the SAT or a 36 on the ACT is no problem. But for the average student in the state of Hawai’i it is hard to get above a 1500 or 21.3 on the ACT (N.p. Web 27 Sep 2013. This problem not only has to do with the lack of proper education but also the fact that most students will not pass due to our education system. High school does not prepare a student to take the SAT or ACT although it helps, it doesn’t meet the needs of the test. The test is designed to trick and confuse the student, not to accurate display the student’s ability to learn. Most of the SAT or ACT testing does not show how well a student performs in a class room setting but rather show how well a student can take the test. As well as high school…show more content…
Asian and White Americans tend to score 227 points higher than African Americans. Studies have shown that over a 5 year time period the average White Americans test scores improved about 17% compared to African Americans who only improved 1.4%. But the not only African Americans scores are lower than Asian Americans and Whites, Native Americans, Mexicans, and other Hispanic races also scored the same as African Americans. In the same study the found that African Americans scored 227 points lower than White and Asian Americans, they also looked into how many African Americans scored above 700, the number compared to white Americans was pitiful. 51,587 white American passed 700 points while only 1,132 African Americans passed 700 points. But due to the affirmative action admission policies these African Americans students are admitted any
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