Standardized Testing Satire Essay

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With the use satire, people have been made famous through this literary work. Many would laugh about the subject of standardized testing. What is the point? Through the use of parody and low comedy, The Simpsons satirizes the judging of standardized tests in the episode “Standardized Testing.” Although everyone in the world has disparate views on educational systems, we should see all aspects of it together. The pragmatic way of seeing the positives and negatives of standard testing comes from the background information we observe from it. The episode “Standardized Testing” aired on September 30, 2012, produced by Seth Macfarlane. This episode is mocking and attacking the use of standardized testing. The producers are making us ask ourselves…show more content…
In this case, parody is being used to imitate testing. “Please put down your pencils and stare at the front of the room,” (The Simpsons) said the teacher in the episode when the kids were waiting for the security guards to come and collect the tests. This quote is spot on and important because teachers now a day are forced to teach by the institutions way of rules and whatnot. The subject is not only satirizing the teachers, but also the way teachers think about these tests. These tests used to not determine someone's future, but for every year that goes by, these standardized tests keep getting more difficult for the average student to take. It is defining who students are and that is not what these tests should be scored on. The idea of these tests are being made to select students in a faster, easier scoring area. Thousands of students take these tests every year to determine what college or university they will go to, and for public schools, it determines whether or not they will pass their grade they have been in. These standardized testing like the SAT or ACT, make it easier to judge a student. These universities and colleges should look at the overall achievement of these students as a whole. Some students do not score good on these tests, they may be nervous and fail or they do not score high enough. These standardized testing systems are no understatement. I used The
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