Standardized Testing Should Be Abolished Essay

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Today more and more people are going to college. Most people go to college to build their knowledge and to study a specific field that they want to get a job in some day. College is marketed to most people as a creative place where they will learn everything they need to know to get a job and enter the “real world”. As college students right now, don’t get us wrong we do learn many things but, we have found that in many classes we take, we just focus on getting a good grade or a passing grade. At the end of the semester we walk out of some class barely learning a thing because we retain information just long enough to do good on a test or exam and then forget it all together when the class is done. This can sometimes be blamed on the student and how much they want out of a class but many times this is just way students are taught to learn and how they have always gotten through school. College’s need to take note of this problem and find a way to change it. Today’s education system and colleges are too focused on letter grades and not the betterment of students and expanding their knowledge. Getting good grades is the main focus of today’s student. Because of this, unfortunately, they…show more content…
Standardized testing in school gives students the idea that school is all about being able to pass tests. These tests also makes the student focus on memorization instead of actual learning. It is not just the schools emphasizing these grades either. Parents can be put to blame as well because they will enforce consequences for bad grades but reward their kids for good grades. For the most part, the parents never look past the grades because they believe the letter tells them all they need. Because of this students will do try for good grades in order to satisfy their parents instead of doing it for themselves to be more
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