Standardized Testing Struggles

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Struggles of Standardized Testing Students have learned since the beginning of grade school that grades matter. Once a student reaches middle school it turns into preparation for high school. Then finally once the student reaches high school it is preparation time for the universal standard test, for most, taken your junior year. Standardized testing should be removed from college standards because it only evaluates one day of testing instead of a student’s entire schooling career, teachers prepare students for the test and not teach to learn, and the testing does not define if a student will succeed in college. First, standardized testing is a problem because it only evaluates one day of testing rather than the student's entire schooling…show more content…
Although, what the majority may think, standardized testing does not greatly evaluate a student learning growth. Not only does it negatively impact students but it also does not justly evaluate a teacher’s ability to teach their students (Harris 1). The reason the student might not be succeeding could be because of the teacher. Without extra support from a teacher, many student’s would not be able to reach their goals. Colleges do not know about the student’s background or synaro. Columbia University wrote that, “There are many people who simply do not perform well on tests. Many of these students are smart and understand the content, but it doesn’t show on the test. Many students also develop test anxiety which hinders performance” (Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing 1). To only have one way of accumulating test scores is unjust for the students who do not perform well in…show more content…
College has such a different atmosphere than high school. College is for new beginnings and a fresh start for your future. Speaking about a new beginning can be difficult when your future has been already made it for you. Every student takes a test that will determine their future. Even if their career has nothing to do with what they are being tested in. The aptitude of your future has nothing to do with your past testing results. Even so, “Researchers have found that high standardized scores have little correlation with memory, attention and processing speed. High test scores could simply mean a student excels at rote memorization and multiple choice test taking” (Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing). Therefore just because a student performs well in executing a test does not prove anything (Standardized Tests Do Not Effectively Measure Student Achievement). Just because a test says that it is not possible; it does not mean a student cannot achieve the goal
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