Standardized Tests Are Ineffective

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(1) Standardized Tests Are Ineffective Standardized tests in elementary and secondary schools are ineffective because they aren 't taken seriously, don 't accurately portray one 's intelligence, and they change the way students view themselves. When students take standardized tests, many don 't take them seriously which affects the data collected, creates a lack of school interest, and increase of stress. The purpose of standardized tests is to evaluate students individually and as a whole through academics. When students don 't try their best, their full capabilities and knowledge aren 't reflected by the test scores collected making it hard for educators to gage what needs or doesn 't need improvement. Additionally, the lack of seriousness transitions into students being uninterested in school because they have to take unnecessarily long tests. Not only do standardized tests cause lack of school interest but they increase students stress. Having to sit through a test that impacts your grade, represents your intelligence, and future adds a lot of pressure to oneself. Overall, when standardized tests aren 't taken seriously the data collected makes it hard for educators to improve education, students lack motivation, and adds a lot of pressure to people 's everyday lives. Typically, standardized tests are multiple choice meaning students can guess for every question without understanding how to solve the problem. There may be people who got the answer correct because they
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