Standardized Tests: Interim Report

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Do you want children that do not have creativity to solve a problem? The 'current' educational system has been the same for many decades. This has become an obsolete system over years. It can be seen that technology and other ways of making scientific advances year after year. However, the way of learning has been the same. Standardized tests are evidence of this. “A standardized test is any form of test that (1) requires all test takers to answer the same questions, or a selection of questions from common bank of questions, in the same way, and that (2) is scored in a “standard” or consistent manner, which makes it possible to compare the relative performance of individual students or groups of students.” (Standardized Tests Definition, 2015).…show more content…
According to the Standards, these tests must have a sound scientific basis and the scientific evidence must be properly documented. (Redesigning the U.S. Naturalization Tests: Interim Report, 2004). Indeed, the scientific basis and evidence that supports proper experimentation are important at the time to make science. Science and creativity are closely linked, but let us ask ourselves: how did scientists make their discoveries? Obviously, they did not follow a manual or a laboratory guide. They discovered things thanks to their ingenuity and great ability to see things in a different way than…show more content…
However, some sectors of our society have fewer sources since their childhood because of their low economy and social status. These types of tests do not define the strengths of the student, but on contrary, expose the weaknesses. In fact, teachers feel pressure when a test arrives because it also evaluates their quality as a teacher. Here the 'learn for exam' model is applied where memory learning is the only thing that is applied in the classroom, resulting in a decrease in thought teaching and in a number of complex
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