Standardized Tests: The Most Stressful

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Applying to colleges can be one of the most stressful things a young adult will ever have to do, but all of the parts leading up to applying for colleges can be even more stressful. High schoolers are constantly worried about all of the things they need to perfect and get done before they apply, such as taking the SATs. Standardized tests affect students much more than anyone would think. There have been several cases over the years where students paid a “smarter” student to take the SATs for them and even went through the trouble to create a fake identity for their test taker just to earn a nearly perfect score because “[o]ne of the most pressure-packed tests a young adult can take, the SAT brings back memories of stress and anxiety for many students” (Page). Students are convinced that this one test impacts their whole future; how good of a college they can get into or how successful they will be when they grow up.
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