Stanislavski Reflection

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This semester we focussed on working on a text and turning it into a performance using established theories established by Constantin Stanislavski . Stanislavski believed “actors to be responsible for the maintenance and development of their skills, students cannot be passive recipients, dutifully obeying their tutors”(Benedetti,1998,pg14). In my essay I will be critically analysing my learning journey by recounting my experiences of creating my character and performing my piece “bull” by Mike Bartlett. I will be exploring how I developed my own performance skills studying Stanislavski’s ‘system’ of training and ultimately the merits and faults of the actual performance. After reading the play, I thought it was essential to get necessary context on the play and playwright to get a better understanding of the play .Mike Bartlett is an award winning and internationally acclaimed British playwright .Bull is a dark comedy that explores the dark side of human nature and our natural desire to dominate others. When the corporate office that Isobel, Thomas and Tony work at have two jobs available between the three of them, a callous ‘bullfight’ ensues with Isobel and Tony becoming the ‘Bullfighters” and Thomas the ‘bull’. When it came to developing my performance skills, the theoretical underpinning came from Stanislavski’s system, one of the key masterminds. Of the realistic theatre movement. “The system values an actor’s capacity to treat

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