Stanley Matthews In The Civil War

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Stanley Mathews was commissioned lieutenant colonel of the Ohio 23rd infantry and promoted to colonel of the 51st Ohio infantry. He was born in Lexington, Kentucky, on July 21st, 1824. He went to college at Keyon College that is located on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. After he got his degree he studied law in Cincinnati. When Stanley got his law degree he moved down to Columbia, Tennessee, where Matthews took the bar. During his time in Columbia, Matthews was very active in the Democratic politics. He returned to Cincinnati where he became a large supporter of the antislavery principles, and was elected as a judge of the Ohio Court of Common Pleas. Matthews was elected a seat in the senate in 1855-1857. The years leading up to the Civil War he was a U.S. attorney for the southern District of Ohio. His major accomplishment during the war was a provost marshal of Nashville and a brigade commander at Lookout Mountain and Chickamauga. In 1863, Matthews resigned from the military to take up a seat as a judge of the Ohio Superior…show more content…
Hayes wanted to be the president that fully healed America from the Civil War. The nation didn’t want the army to be protecting the civil rights of the freedmen. Hayes would reassign the remaining troops that were guarding two Southern statehouses. These two states were South Carolina and Louisiana. Hayes was hoping that this would heal the state. Hayes did however make Southern state leaders promise to protect the rights of the African Americans population. Hayes would also have social reforms during his time in congress. Hayes aimed at appointing men with the qualifications to government positions, instead of having positions given. Hayes also signed a bill that allowed women attorneys to appear before the U.S. Supreme Court. Hayes only wanted to be president for one term and declined the requests for his second term. Hayes would be known as an honest and fair president. Hayes will die January 17, 1893, at Fremont, Ohio.
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