Stanley Milgram Experiment Summary

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Summary In this essay, I will discuss on Stanley Milgram Obedience Study. This research represents a procedure for destructive obedience study in the laboratory. The setup consisted a learner (confederate), a teacher (true participant), and an experimenter (high school biological instructor or teacher). It comprises instructing a naïve S in administering maximum severe punishments on the victim in learning experiment context. The punishment is administered through shock generator means with switches grading to 30 that range from Sight Shock to Severe Shock: danger. The victim is a n E confederate and the study is based on the maximum shock that S can give. Twenty-six Ss complied with the commands of the experiment fully along with administering maximum shocks on the given generator. Fourteen Ss cut off the experiment at some point when the victim refused and protested to give more answers.…show more content…
Subjects always showed deep, shocking disapproval his objection face, and others denounced the experiment terming it as senseless and stupid. Despite the denunciation from some subject, the majority had to compile with the commands. The understanding of this phenomenon is that obedience rest of the particular conditions analysis that it occurs. While the experimenter demands have the scientific authority nature, the victim demands spring from his personal pain and suffering experience. In this position of obedience and the victim, suffering shows that the general conflict stems level are the two deeply ingrained dispositions of behavior. The study shows that the inhibiting factor power is more than the experienced stress. The study further stipulates that every situation is an ideology that interprets situation meaning. There is a propensity for individuals accepting action definitions given by legitimate
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