Stanley Tookie Williams Case

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This case is about when a man named Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams tried to gain executive clemency from the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the case he was tried for being accused of murder using a shotgun. When Williams was being arrested there was a twelve-gauge shotgun shell found at the crime scene while there was an investigation going on at the Brookhaven motel. This shell was then use against Mr. Williams in the murder trial against him stating that about 5 a.m. on March 11, 1979, he broke into the Brookhaven motel and killed Yen-Yi Yang and his wife who was Tsai-Shai C. Yang who were both immigrants coming from Taiwan. The accusation comes because of the shotgun found in Williams’s possession and he took their cash that…show more content…
The forensics team that was called to the scene of the crime was able to determine that the two of the three murders was done in a close range while one of them which is the one of his sister, was done from a few feet away. The crime was a part of an idea to try and get some money by Stanley as well as his two accomplices to the crime (Montaldo, 2015). They didn’t want to try and make money the right and legal way, but they wanted the money fast and a lot of it so they devised a plan to try and get this money plus more all by way of armed robbery, but it turned into a little spree of robberies, but after the murder happened at the hotel, they slowed down because of how scared they were to get caught by law enforcement even though they were caught a short time after (Montaldo, 2015). When apprehended, there was a twelve-gauge shotgun collected and that was more than enough evidence to put Stanley at the scene of the crime in order to gain a proper conviction of the man who did the crimes (Montaldo,

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