Stanley Weintraub Final Victory Analysis

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Presidential campaigns are full of wild stories about each and every candidate. The news appeals to their political preferences, publishing any story that will help their favored candidate win the election. Although this often sheds some light on who the men and women running for office really are it is also the root of a lot of false rumors that are made and perpetuated about a specific candidate by the opposing party. In what I’ve read thus far in Stanley Weintraub’s novel Final Victory, one of the most interesting incidents has been when Roosevelt was accused of sending a destroyer battleship thousands of miles to go retrieve his lost dog. While on his presidential campaign tour, which was already off to a rocky start, anti-FDR press released an article that said the president had left his dog, Fala, behind accidentally and spent “20,000,000” of “American taxpayers” money to retrieve him (Weintraub 124). This preposterous and untrue rumor spread like wildfire and truly caused the American people to shift their standpoint towards Governor Dewey, putting him in the electoral lead for some time. However, FDR and his journalists were not going to give up this campaign without a…show more content…
In Obama’s case, the journalists had been facing an uphill battle with these rumors, specifically because he is a black man. The challenge wasn’t in proving he was a born-citizen, but rather it was getting people to like Obama all over again. Furthermore, these reporters could have done a better job with disputing the birth certificate rumors by emphasizing the fact that Donald Trump had started them. Many people are unaware that this businessman started the rumors, but I believe wholeheartedly that if they had known the story had initially from an unreliable source, it would have changed everyone’s outlook on the
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