Stanleys Character Analysis

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Stanleys Character “The reader is probably asking: Why would anyone go to Camp Green Lake? Most campers weren’t given a choice… Stanley Yelnats was given a choice. Stanley was from a poor family he had never been to camp before” (Sachar 5). A true friend sticks to you like glue and can influence for life. In the novel Holes by Louis Sachar the main character, Stanley Yelnats, intergoes changes internally and externally. As Stanley overcomes obstacles and learns the true value of friendship, Stanleys character is changed from the beginnig, to where he meets another charcter named Zero, and all the way to the very end of the novel. In the beginning of the novel the reader can really understand Stanleys charcater. Stanleys appearance starts…show more content…
For one thing while Stanley and Zero are climbing “Gods Thumb” Stanley has to carry Zero up the mountain because he is ill. Stanley “took hold of Zero’s forearms and pulled him upright… he stood up lifting Zero’s worn out body off the ground” (Sachar 170). As A result Stanley was losing some weight and was becoming strong since he has to carry Zero up the mountain. Zero is loyal to Stanley and he sticks up for him even during fights, “Then suddenly ZigZag was off him. Stanley managed to look up and he saw that Zero had his arm around ZigZags long neck” (Sachar 135). Because Zero sticks up for Stanley it helps Stanley to see that he is not alone and that Zero has become his friend. Not only have Zero and Stanley become good friends, but while they were digging for a “treasure chest” in one of the holes they finally “found a suitcase with, in big black letters, says STANLEY YELNATS sticking out of the dirt…. He dug with his hands until he found the leather handle…. ‘We did it’ said Stanley” (Sachar 202, 216). The suitcase Stanley and Zero now posess belonged to Stanleys great-grandfather who made a fortune in the stock market and the suitcase posessed that money. Since Stanley and Zero now have the suitcase it can help Stanley limb out of his own hole called “poverty”. Zero has definitely influenced
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