Stanley's Friendship Quotes

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How would you feel if the least expected person was the one person who could change your life forever? That’s what happened to Stanley, Zero changed his life forever. Through the influence of Zero’s friendship, Stanley changes from vulnerable to confident. In the beginning of holes, Stanley is vulnerable. Stanley was so vulnerable in the beginning he let others abuse him like on page 20 “He threw Stanley to the ground. Stanley stared up at him terrified.” (Sachar,20) Because Stanley was vulnerable he let Armpit push him around. Also to prove my point that Stanley is vulnerable “if anybody gets a day off, it should be me. That’s only fair, right? I guess Stanley agreed” (Sachar 53) Stanley just agrees and runs off because he knew not to get on X-Ray’s bad side. The last quote to prove my point is when he get his nickname “He was glad they called him caveman it meant they accepted him as a member of the group.” (Sachar,54) Now Stanley finally feels accepted. Stanley started teaching Zero how to read, but Zero was teaching him something more important. Zero’s friendship with Stanley makes Stanley a more caring person in general. Stanley was starting to get used to…show more content…
Stanley starts being more confident in himself “No one liked him, and the truth was, he didn’t especially like himself.”(Sachar, 186) Stanley now likes himself more than before. Stanley is confident so he talks right back to the warden “they ran out here and fell into the lizard’s nest, I don’t know what they were thinking. That’s not true! Stanley said.” (Sachar, 214) Stanley stands up even though the warden doesn’t like people talking back to her. Stanley stands up again to the warden “open the suitcase Stanley! Don’t open it, Stanley’s lawyer said, Stanley, did nothing.” (Sachar, 218) Stanley listens to his lawyer instead of the warden. Stanley becomes more self assured because of the companionship he has with
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