Star: A Short Story: The Story Of A Fallen Star

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A girl standing on the top of what looks like a giant tower she is really excited for something looking at the dark yet glowing with stars sky, "I want to see the shooting stars tonight dad", she exclaimed to a man that stands right beside her and with a weird look on his face he says, "Ok but as soon as it is over we will leave". He had a judge able smile. You must be wondering why shooting star, well it 's the time of the year where all of the elders in the realm tower gather at this place and see the upcoming generation of stars. They are called star born, people with superhuman strength born to protect our lands from enormous threats. A fallen star refers to a star born. Some of the priests (elders) are Murmuring about something must be discussing how many we will get this year. The counts usually varies 7-8 stars unlike this time, one of mage is very distressed, "It 's terrible, it 's oh so terrible,grand mage can 't you do something about this a world like this will fall". He was panicked just like the others gazing at they all gazed at a sky that is full of falling star!!!!! "Alright we saw enough". He had her on his back we are leaving now. She is shocked seeing all the happy and excited faces, now crying for mercy, " D-Dad are they crying?!" she asks being nervous, He doesn 't says a word and just kept walking down the mountain of ice with the sky still filled with falling stars. AFTER 18 YEARS, The sea is still, the wind blows from Xarekhta all the
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