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A loud jazz music started to play in a big club; it is the famous club in all of Joseon, the Star Club. Inside the sound of clapping hands from the audience was heard throughout the club and then as the music started to fulfill the whole club. Then from the stage, the presenter came out as he said, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the night where you all have been waiting for. On this special moment, we are going to see a magnificent show and you know who she is, here comes the main event of today! Jin!"

The clapping hands of the audiences raised as the main character of the event showed up. 'New York, New York ' song was played by the music crews and the singer known as Jin came up in a wonderful green emerald gown with a golden sparkling bandana on her head, she was the star
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How could a club singer like her say such a thing? Yet he smiled to cover his feelings, they ended up sitting in an awkward situation.

In her dressing room, Se Yeon was bothered by that famous police officer who was generally known as Fujiwara Hokke, infact his name was Joo Won, he seemed to be a rather lonely type, not like the other officers that she had seen before. The cold look in his eyes appeared to have experienced countless of pain. She shook her head, what was she thinking was she taking a pity on a Joseon 's betrayer? She continued powdering her cheeks with pink powder. Afterwards, Min Young came. In Star Club Min Young was known as Maria. "Where were you? I 've been looking for you like hours and you suddenly showed up out of nowhere, then the show started."

"I am sorry, I was taking Seonmul for catching some fresh air, besides I think he felt really bored stuck in the club the whole day."

Min Young sat to a dressing table next to Se Yeon 's, "But how if the bodyguards noticed you? You know, we as entertainers can 't go out as we pleased."

"I set up myself to look like the ahjummas from the kitchen, I even borrowed

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