Star Cruise Weaknesses

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The weakness for the star cruises is limited routes. They only offers some outbound destination like Australia, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and also Vietnam. Star cruises should take action to expand their routes so customer got the variety choice to choose the destination. Not only that, they should also come out with marketing strategy to attract customers to purchase it such as promotion packages, advertising throughout social media and more.

In term of expand the routes, this is more benefit for the star cruises because they increase their revenue but the expenses still remain the same so actually they gain more profit. If star cruises increase the routes, the more people traveling with so when they become a star cruises member, they can enjoy a variety of privileges, such as reward points and redeem your birthday month discount off cabin rate. They can also enjoy discounts and other privileges upon presentation of your membership card when shopping and dining at selected merchant outlets in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia. Moreover, the packages for the middle class are too costly. For aged like 18-25, they cannot afford price that over their budget so what star cruises can do is offers different type of reasonable packages for the middle class so they would spend their time in a cruise vacation. They could also come out with family or friends packages as in an affordable price. The

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