Star Fucks: The SWOT Analysis Of Starbucks

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Introduction: Starbucks is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It enjoys strong brand loyalty from its repeat customers. It is leading retailer of specialty coffee. It has more than 22000 stores in 67 countries all over the world. Starbucks differentiate itself from other coffee shops by providing unique customer experience. It has very high standards of customer service, due to which it enjoys customer loyalty. Starbucks has been facing stagnant coffee sales and to overcome this, the company has decided to continue its global expansion. Starbucks has been looking to expand its product mix. To achieve this Starbucks has come up with a new concept called Starbucks evenings. As per the new program it will start serving wine,…show more content…
Evening crowd in Starbucks would be very different from the morning one. It can become a place to hangout for people after work during weekday. Some customer would prefer enjoying a glass of wine in nice and cozy Starbucks atmosphere rather than going to a noisy bar. SWOT Analysis: Strengths: • Loyal customer base. Starbucks enjoy a huge base of loyal customers and it can always introduce wine and beer to these customers. Not all may like the new addition but it can pull some customers to their evening menu • Location: Starbucks enjoy a vast network of stores all across the United States. This provides greater customer reach • Starbucks sells a great experience and not just coffee. This concept is evident in its stores where the décor is laid back and relaxing. Wine would be an added experience for its customers • Brand recognition: It has a very strong brand name and introducing a new product is much easier, as the brand I name has already been established Weakness: • Starbucks is targeting mostly women for their evening program. As per a study 60% of their evening customer are women. This leaves men out of the picture. Also a lot of customers at Starbucks are underage, so the age restriction for alcohol might prove hard to apply in…show more content…
The coffee sales foe the company has been stagnant in US for past few years and expanding the product mix is the best way to increase its sales. The restricted timings will attract crowd who like to unwind after a day at work and not hard drinkers. Another good point of the program is that women who tend to avoid noisy bars or pubs would be more interested in visiting Starbucks for a glass of wine. The ambience of the Café is less intimidating and more relaxed as opposed to loud

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