Descriptive Essay On Stargirl

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On the first day of the school, students are talking about a new girl named Stargirl Caraway who has been homeschooled for her whole life. They seperate from her because of the way she is and how she acts. She sings Happy Birthday with an ukulele to people who they are not aware of each other and also carries her pet rat in her bag with a picture of sunflower on it. Leo Borlock and Kevin Quilan were intrigued Stargirl. They have a disagreement about putting her on the Hot Sear which is a local cable television program, since Leo who feels it’s going to cause a problem refuse to do it, but Kevin who thinks it’s going to be etremely popular wants to produce it. Later, they do the show but it fails. Even though many people avoid Stargirl, she makes a friend named Dori Dilson, a ninth-grader who is an unpopular girl. They sit together during lunch. At a school football game, she cheers the players even though she is distracting the game and the judge is warning her. She gets everyone’s attention and takes an offer to become a cheerleader. They abruptly begin to play ukulele and buy rats. As Leo and Stargirl are getting to know each other, he discovers her kindness that she gives a random person a gift they want by getting information from newspapers or bulletin boards. A small city set in the dry, Southwest desert region of Arizona called…show more content…
If everyone had taken the time to fully understand her, like Leo did, everyone would have realized the amazing person inside of her. Another theme for this novel could be "always be yourself no matter what." After a long time of being a student of Mica High, Star Girl decided to become someone she is not. Even thought some people do like Star Girl's new look and personality, she is not being herself and some people do not like
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