Star Quarterback Narrative

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Star Quarterback Once day a kid named Ryan was walking on the sidewalk and he was looking for something to do. Out of know where a kid thew a ball at him and he didn 't throw it far enough. It landed right in front of him and it bounced up and hit him right square in the face. Ryan dropped to his knees. He woke up in the emergency room, and he felt like a whole new person. The kid who hit Ryan was in the 7th grade with him, and he happened to be Ryan best friend named Billy. Billy was on the football team, he was the stud running back, but Ryan has never played football in his life. Billy always tries to get him to go out but Ryan just won’t do it. Ryan is more into computer games than he is into sports. Billy was the only one in the emergency room when Ryan woke up. The first thing that Ryan said was, “lets play football”. Billy was so confused. The doctors said there was nothing wrong with Ryan, he just had a black eye. Ryan just wants acting right, he kept asking if…show more content…
They just messed around and worked on the plays and the things Ryan had to know. Game day. Billy was over at Ryan house ready to go. It was a nice Saturday morning, the sun was out, the birds were chirping and it was a good day for football. The game started at 10 o’clock and Billy and Ryan were there 7 playing catch. They were playing the best team in there league so they had to come prepared. Ryan thought ahead brought a football so they could play catch. Before they knew it, it was game time. Ryan 's team got the ball first witch meant he was on offense, he was only playing offense tonight, not defense. When Ryan got in the huddle for the first play he told everybody the play, but he grabbed Billy’s shoulder and told him it was going to you. Ryan threw 5 touchdown that game and he rushed for 3 touchdowns, he passed for 581 yards. He was now the quarterback
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