Star Trek Analysis

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Humanity is an interesting concept, to some it is just the collective of being human. However, to others it is the quality of being humane, it is compassion, tolerance, charity and mercy. This was not always the case, so it demands that we ask the question: what are the origins of humanity? This is an ultimate question that has been asked and has been answered differently by many aspects of society. Ultimate questions embody ultimate values, meaning and purpose of life, the origins of the universe and so much more. Therefore, it can be seen that it is better to ask ultimate questions as there will never be an ultimate answer that all of humanity can agree upon. As by simply asking these ultimate questions it makes us ponder our origins, identity…show more content…
The religious and scientific answers to the ultimate question will be further explored to demonstrate that to understand our own humanity is better to ask ultimate questions than to have an ultimate answer as there are many different and diverse answers from all of humanity and not knowing creates a need for it to be explored…show more content…
It demonstrates though we are all human we have a different set of attitudes, values and beliefs. This is due to the ultimate questions that we choose to ask as it shapes our behaviour for better or for worst. A Star Trek: Voyager episode, Distant Origin explores this, two Voth called Forra Gegen and Tova Veer, are scientists and archaeologists trying to discover the truth about their origins. They make a discovery that is the evidence that proves they did not originate on their ‘home’ planet but elsewhere. To receive recognition of his theory Gegen must bring his evidence in front of the Ministry of Elders, who believe in doctrine, subsequently they are extremely religious and strict on their views. Therefore, they refuse to believe that the theory was true, Gegen and Veer go in search of living evidence that could not be denied. Eventually Gegen and Veer locate Voyager, Janeway confirms that they are in fact descendants of dinosaurs that once walked the Earth. Then Gegen take Chakotary as a hostage and after Gegen explains he comes willingly. Gegen and Chakotary stand before the Ministry of Elders, they still refuse as they believe that they will destroy their nobility and claim to the planet. Minister Odala says, “When I open my eyes to this theory, what I see appals me. I see my race fleeing your wretched planet, a group of pathetic refugees crawling and scratching their
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