How Does Star Trek Affect Society

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The TV series of Star Trek has undoubtedly changed numerous people’s lives. It is amazing how many individuals were influence by the making of this TV show. The movie Trekkies explains the influence of this show. According to the people featured in the movie, the Star Trek show promoted the ideal society that most people would like to live in. It promoted racial, gender and religion equality. In addition to promoting science and good ethical principles. From the content of the show , people benefitted because it helped them deal with issues that society failed to address. The show helped address racial ethnicity by demonstrating how different people could work together. On the TV series, different creations all were depicted in universal…show more content…
Mae Carol Jemison was influence by the TV series is Mae Carol Jemison. Ms. Jemison is the first African- American woman to travel to space on the shuttle. According to the movie , she saw the show and realized that was something she interested in. The famous American actress , Whoopi Goldberg is also a product of the TV series. When Whoopi was a little girl , she saw one of the characters of Star Trek was an African American woman. Seeing this African American woman not portrayed as a maid on television made her realized that she could be anything she wanted. As a result, she became a movie star. Whoopi is one of many women who realized that their potential is far greater than the stereotype role set by society. Similarly to viewing this show, many other women have been encouraged to do something outside their gender role. For example , several women have testified that just seeing a woman as captain on the voyager encouraged them. Because a woman was a captain on the voyager send the message that women can be in authority. This gave many mothers the opportunity to show their daughters that they can be a woman in authority and still be viewed in a positive

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