Star Trek: The Benefits Of A Phaser

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If necessary, the most useful asset of the phaser is the ability to signal people miles away. By setting the power to full and the beam to narrow, firing the particles straight into the air would make it improbable for no one to spot. The versatility of this hand held weapon does not end there. It can vaporize, stun, and kill in a matter of seconds and the user has total control. In addition to the extreme power it holds, a phaser fires exceptionally quick. “One of the theoretical advantages of a directed energy weapon is that the pulse travels so fast you can 't react to it” (Weiner). This is displayed time after time, as beings are vaporized before they can grab their phaser. It’s safe to say if a phaser is pointed at you and set to kill,…show more content…
It started out as a replica of a pistol, resembling the gun as well as other forms of firearm. The model was one of the first weapons to appear on the show and it is the simplest by far. This phaser’s power came from a replaceable cell located under a flip-up cover at the front of the weapon. Not as exciting as science fiction could get, however, everyone has to start somewhere. The series also presented rifles and even a grenade launcher. The Photon Grenade Launcher was an interesting tactical device that “is a mortar-style weapon that fires spherical photon grenades the size of tennis balls” (Kelly). The exact chemical makeup and breakdown of the grenade is unclear and in the Original Series episode “Arena”, it is shown to have extremely effective devastation. This “little jewel” appears to be a miniature nuclear warhead with a bit bigger than its bark. The explosion Kirk creates is vastly expansive and the sight is exceptionally bright, suggesting a critically intense heat. It seems to be a photon explosion, the entire screen flashes white, and the weapon proves effective, causing an enemy retreat. It was not until the Type I Hand Phaser was introduced in the Original Series that the phaser shifted to a less violent appearance. The features of this device were high tech in nature and like nothing ever seen before. Its small, remote control sized design made it extremely easy to conceal. “The phaser was operated by using a thumb to turn the knurled dial on the top which raised the top plate. This revealed a small lens or screen which greatly facilitated aiming the tiny weapon. To fire, a small stud on the bottom of the weapon was pressed with the index finger” (Kelly). These phasers, however, served only in diplomatic or low-risk missions, they would not be used in more pressing circumstances until The Next

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