Star Wars And The Odyssey Comparison Essay

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Many people have heard of Star Wars, and The Odyssey, but have they ever thought about how the two are related? The Odyssey an epic poem written by Homer and the scientific movie Star Wars directed by George Lucas, have countless times when the two share things in common. In Star Wars the main character Luke Skywalker meets a mentor, two sidekicks, and comes from an unknown background. In The Odyssey the main character Odysseus meets his mentor, sidekick, and comes from an unknown background. These two items have many similarities and many different, but here are a few of the similarities. In the movie Star Wars Luke Skywalker meets his two sidekicks named CP3O and R2D2. CP3O and R2D2 come from a space shuttle, with the princess named Leia, who is trying to save planets from the Deathstar. The Deathstar is the evil force headed by Darth Vader. CP3PO and R2D2 escape from the Deathstar and land on the planet where Luke is and the three team up and go out and explore. They meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, leader of “The Force” which was extinct, Obi-Wan becomes Luke's mentor and helps him save Princess Leia and become a Jedi, sadly Obi-Wan meets his old enemy Darth Vader and is …show more content…

Calypso and Odysseus in the beginning do not like each other, Odysseus’ men went onto her island and she turned them into pigs. Odysseus made a wonderful choice to stay behind in case something happened, so after his men were turned into pigs he persuaded her to turn them back and help them. Odysseus’ background is not told to the reader. To figure out why he went to Troy the reader would have had to read previous mythology stories. In the end, Star wars and The Odyssey are very similar and have a lot to do with each other. If the viewer and the reader look closely they can see that the storyline and plot are very similar. These two are very wonderful works of art and everyone should be able to read and enjoy

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