Star Wars Effect

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Star Wars Star Wars, one of the movie very well known today. Making a huge impact on all the movies forever. This iconic movie influenced more than just one other movie series. Due to the creation of Star Wars, out of the genre during its era in time, people identified its characters and special effects The creator of Star Wars was George Lucas, the idea did not come from Lucas alone but from him and the rest of the cast preparing for a movie. The idea was then released in 1977. Star Wars were thought to have a story line due to the fact that the movie was not made in order or played in order at the movie theater either.. That was soon changed when they sold the movies in a series in order. Due to the effects in the movie such as the real fire in some parts, the R2D2 special sounds, that were actually made by a synthesizer, and custom music made by local symphonies really set of the movie (Rothenberg). The whole series stretched out six years in order of Movie Series.…show more content…
The music is widely known and very popular to learn amongst all of the younger kids who still are just finding out about Star Wars. The merchandise that the movies have brought has made Star Wars all around the world,even to those who haven 't even heard of the movies still play with light sabers. Star Wars itself has made such an impact on the world that the movies are all in more detail than ever, more body, and overall more fine tuned technology that has been snuck in when it was needed. Star Wars shows that if you go through great lengths to create something great, it will succeed in greatness, it will prove the others wrong. No matter what others sat Star Wars truly started the technology in movies. The special music really sets the perfect mood for every scene sad or full of action. (Vanity
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