Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope

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Mark Hamill and Jack Nicholson. His death led to him becoming a cult star as ‘the audience that outlives a star becomes able to read their final performance’ (Egan and Thomas, 2013). When people watch a star final performance they feel different about it because there will be no more from the actor/actress and it feels more personal to the viewer. Many fans put stars on a pedestal as they think that because the star is so much more talented that they are so put them out of reach. This is why a death of a star is important as it brings the star to a normal level of humanity, as the stars are ‘no more or less mortal than the audience’ (Egan and Thomas, 2013). Another way you can look at the death of a star is that their career is completely…show more content…
In 1977 when Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope was released it sparked his career and led him on the path to become a cult star. Mark Hamill starred as Luke Skywalker probably one of the most iconic roles in film history and after that he never escaped the role. Even though he has appeared in a lot of movies/TV shows before and after the release of Star Wars he is still known as Luke Skywalker. His co-star Harrison Ford was stuck with the same fate as being known as Han Solo at the time but he moved on and started doing film like Blade Runner the Indiana Jones franchise. This then rid him of being known as Han Solo as he made more films where he played many different characters this meant that audiences couldn’t pin him to one role it broke the classification of naming him a character thus giving him a identity. This just hasn’t happened for Mark Hamill, he hasn’t had many major on-screen roles to shed the name and will probably be stuck with the name Luke Skywalker forever especially after his brief appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and for his upcoming role in the next two films in the trilogy. He will play a big role in the next two films as he is the only Jedi Master left in the in the galaxy and he will need to help defeat the first order. In the first film he referenced a lot but only plays a small role at the end, but it did set up the second film up so he can join in with
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