Star Wars One Of Doom Character Analysis

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The world is full of people from different walks of life; and all of them deserve to be shown respect. People crave acceptance and respect from their families, friends, colleagues, lovers and society as a whole; the way people feel perceived is at the very core of who we believe we are in life. Respect and acceptance from others is what helps people for their identities. Lee Abbott's story, "One of Star Wars, One of Doom", takes place in a high school setting where a shooting is being planned out and about to take place. Abbott illustrates to us through 4 characters: Mr. Frank DeWine, Ms. Leanne Petty and a duo nicknamed "Tango and Whisky" what happens when people feel conflicted with who they are inside and their desire to control others. Mr. DeWine is a high school teacher who wants to feel superior and is dealing with the feeling of not being acknowledged. Poor Ms. Petty is having an affair with a married man, Mr. DeWine, wondering why she feels so lousy about herself. Then we have the dangerous duo, nicknamed “Tango and Whiskey”, who have been treated unfairly by their fellow classmates and are seeking revenge. When someone is respected they are taken seriously, their opinions matter, people listen to them and seek to understand them. The feeling of being valued helps create a strong…show more content…
Mr. DeWine has struggled his whole life to find its meaning which could be due to his father hitting him from a child. Ms. Petty is sleeping with a married man and has no respect for herself therefor she isn’t getting any from other people. Tango and Whiskey are young boys in high school that have felt so slighted by society they feel the need to kill. Ironically, each character is different but yet searching for the same thing in life. Lee Abbott illustrates the tragedy that can occur when this basic human need is not
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