Star Wars Structuralist Analysis

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Star Wars and Frye’s Structuralist Approach Throughout the Star Wars series, Luke Skywalker serves as a modern example of the mythical character Odysseus, traveling the skies, encounter adventures, and ultimately finding his way back home. His journey can be likened to Northrop Frye’s structuralist approach to understanding texts, as this key character’s actions and motives create a pattern to which readers can derive meaning. In The Archetype of Literature, Frye explains that the existence of archetypes in texts help readers to make personal connections with repeated themes found in the narrative. In Star Wars, Luke’s journey from adolescence to adulthood, like the changing seasons of the natural world, inspire readers to identify and reflect…show more content…
When an unexpected message from a princess in need is delivered to him, his mission is awakened. He knows that he must find Princess Leia and will use any resource necessary to find her. As the sun continues to rise on this adventure, Luke joins forces with –Obi-wan Kenobi and some unexpected smugglers, Han Solo and Chewbacca. Together, they seek to save Princess Leia and take down the Death Star. Like Odysseus, however, the journey is not without obstacles and challenges. Sacrifices are made as moments of great discovery continue to find the once naïve hero. While these moments in the narrative are fantastical, they resemble experiences that individuals encounter in reality, which makes this story enjoyable and relatable to the…show more content…
He begins to realize that he holds power that can be used to save others. As his journey continues, Luke begins the cycle of self-discovery yet again. After rescuing Leia from the Death Star, he must return to it again to destroy it before it is used to end the lives of millions. The pattern in which he faces his fears and overcomes adversity, starts as he is tasked with operating an x-wing star fighter with the hope of destroying the Death Star. With amazing accuracy, Luke is able to make an impossible shot, successfully completing his mission. This event allows him to discover his own abilities and find his place among friends. At the end of this installment of the Star Wars series, “myths of the birth of the hero… [and] of the defeat of the powers of darkness” are both evident in the text and will continue to occur in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Frye

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