Star Wars: The Force In A New Hope

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In Star Wars, "the Force" is a name that represents an infinite energy acquired by Force-sensitive individuals (Decker 24). It is generated by all living things that surround and bind the entire galaxy together. The Force allows individuals to perform some supernatural deeds and develop some elements of physical traits, which include reflexes and speed. Moreover, the film series features the Jedi, which the components of the galaxy act as guardians and peacemakers to the Force. The Sith includes elements that represent evil who aim is to destroy the universe. For instance, the creator, George Lucas, presents the Knights of Ren, an evil component of the Force which corresponds to the First Order. In Star Wars, George Lucas shows how religions…show more content…
The interpretation of the Force in A New Hope, George Lucas claims that it is a form of energy that helps people to perform supernatural feats (Decker 62). The explanation stems from the Christian beliefs where the scripture is a form of personal empowerment and enlightenment. Additionally, the human faith is “the Force” that leads to supernatural deeds controlled by a higher power. In the Force, as well as the Christian faith, forms the larger mystery of existence since it depends on the capacity of an individual to trust his or her feelings.
Additionally, based on the nature of good and evil, it is possible that Christian’s believe that there is a responsibility of nurturing what is good and fight what is evil. In The Empire Strikes Back after the demolition of the Death Star, Darth Vader organizes his Imperial Fleet to attack and dispatch droids in the galaxy that were evil (Decker 281). Although some members of the fleet suffer in the process, Darth Vader succeeds in his mission. Based on Christianity, the role of Darth Vader aligns to that of the believer – to drive away evil while promoting what is assumed to be
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In general, the term “the Force” refers to God in the faith, which is the central theme in the present-day secularist worldview. The film The Force Awakens complements the topics related to Buddhism in the trilogy. For a long time, Buddhist has been characterized by witchcraft. As a result, The Force Awakens can use the Force's dark side leading to death. Since the rise of Snoke is on the increase in this film, Buddhist can interpret this to mean the spread of
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