Star Wars The New Hope Analysis

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“Use the force Luke” (Ben/Obi-Wan Kenobi). From the Star Wars comic books came the first Star Wars movie called The New Hope. Tons of people went to the movie theaters on the opening day of the movie. That is where the Star Wars universe became a big hit in the pop culture of Earth. The characters, action inside the movie, and the story plot helped make Star Wars The New Hope the best movie of all time for many people. The characters in the movie was one of the reasons which helped the movie become a big hit. Luke Skywalker is one of the best best characters to help make the movie a big hit. He was shown as the hero who would save the day, it shows a way of the light. Luke was pictured as the last person to save the day, by destroying the…show more content…
It begins with Luke having to help the Rebels take down an evil empire, which dominates the whole galaxy and brings terror to everyone under their rule. He sees the hologram of Princess Leia, asking for help. But Luke was not going to help at first, until he found out the Imperials killed his adoptive parents and burnt his home. This makes him hate the Empire and decide to fight the Empire. It eventually leads up to him destroying the Death Star at the end of the movie. So the plot of the movie is really good and it helps the movie become the greatest movie…show more content…
Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are two of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars trilogy, which everyone loved. It is the yin and yang of Star Wars for some time now, you do not have one of those characters missing from one of the three original movies. The action which happened brought the people into the Star Wars Universe with the laser weapons, starfighters flying around in space, and the firefights which take place through the movie. While the story plot brings everything together, it helps show how the hero did not want to help at first. But decided to help after some troubled events happened, which forced Luke to help the Rebels. The Star Wars movie brought in a new feeling of space to Humankind with all of the new Alien races and story. This what makes Star Wars The New Hope a great movie in movie history, it brought a new trilogy to the
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