Star Wars Vs. Eastern Worldviews In Star Wars

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Star wars and worldviews have been ingrained to the movies and clone wars series the star wars the universe is based off a Universalist worldview, which is highly adaptable to multiple worldviews. The main foundation of the Jedi is the force, which is, predominates from the eastern religions and their every day practical religious applications. The western religions are shown in the star wars worldview but they are only slightly used through out the movies and series. The star wars worldview allows compromises between different worldviews.

The eastern worldviews are essential aspects of the Jedi in the prequels Buddhism and the star wars worldview both can compromise on their prime reality being nature and man contributes back into the force/nature.
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The first question sires asks about a prime reality for a cold deist there is really no prime reality because where is the proof characters have this same world view on both the light and dark side this usually someone who is not force sensitive like Han Solo or Admiral Motti that can easily be compromised in the star wars world view. The external reality for a cold deist is human achievement usually with innovation with in the sciences and technology. What is a human being in both worldviews humans just are here whether its evolution or not both worldviews ascribe to humans/creatures just being here with out a creator. What happens after death with a cold deist nothing you rot in the ground in the star wars world view there are two streams of philosophical ideals the Jedi’s believe that we all become part of the force where as the dark side really has no real idea on life after death other than do not die. Why is it possible to know anything at all for a cold deist science and education there is a connection to finding truths this is the same mind set for both the dark side and light side they seek learning from others so we continue learning and trying to pursue knowledge. What is wrong both worldviews have social norms and natural laws, which people live by this, does not indicate ideal situations where characters are always following natural law. The meaning of history is to learn from the past this is a truth for both Jedi cold deist and the sith they all educate through historical accounts. The commitments for cold deist, sith and Jedi are relativity the same they both require dedication; faith mans ethics or lack of
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